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“This book will help any business owner avoid the many mistakes most make as they grow. I wish I had read it before I founded and built my $100 million dollar company.”
Randy Crockett,
Founder & President, Crockett Container Corporation

“George Hedley knows what it takes to build a successful company and has a talent for connecting with readers. The practical real world advice in this book lays out a simple plan that separates excellent businesses from those that constantly struggle and will save a ton of money and frustration.”
Wally Evans,
Publisher of Construction Business Owner magazine

A Message from George

Being an entrepreneur can mean working long hours for little reward, while dealing with endless problems, customers, vendors and employees. Or it can be your ticket to wealth, fun and free time to do the things that are most important to you. The choice is yours!

It just takes 7 steps:

Step 1: Build an ‘On-Purpose…On-Target’ Business!
Step 2: Build a Systemized and Organized Business!
Step 3: Build Financial, Pricing and Profit Systems!
Step 4: Build Operational Systems!
Step 5: Build Customer, Marketing and Sales Systems!
Step 6: Build People and Leadership Systems!
Step 7: Build Equity and Wealth Systems!
Bonus Step: Enjoy The Benefits Of Business Ownership!

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